Thursday, December 22, 2011

Has it been a year all ready?

Our latest holiday video, recapping a year of journeys. Not just in miles flown, but also in milestones and passing of loved ones.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Now that summer has arrived

Time for the GU Detroit picnic, great people, great food, great drink and lovely weather. Someone asked if I was going to blog the photos, my immediate answer was no...not sure why, clearly this can use a little updating, and what a great reason!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010 from C. & i

Decided to make it a digital card this year...took a few tries ;o)
i'd watch it full frame (icon bottom right) in order to see the whole thing...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sr. Lou 1923-2010

"We weren't afraid of the wind-we were afraid of magnets" -Sr. Lou on the Sisters of Humility's habits.

Sr. Lucille Conley was one of my favorite. She's my father's aunt but I just dropped the great and made her my own. At 16 she entered a convent and made serving the community her life's work. In 1993 she established an apartment complex and center for women with children who left their abusive husbands...something very near and dear to my heart. Despite living in a post-industrial community, (re:suburb of Youngstown) where the good times had come and gone, she was still able to get people to donate both time and money for the women and children that needed it most.

As kids, the convent was a stopping place while we were visiting family in Cleveland or traveling to DC. My brothers and I thought the cafeteria was really cool (often on road trips we would only have pbj's to eat). One year, I recall my cousin Mary (in photo, far left) and I grabbing lemon juice packets to use as rinse to make our hair more blond. I laugh now thinking about how we were explaining to the other nuns and how intently they listened to our beauty advice.

As a grown up I'd stop by there while working on a project in the Youngstown area, sometimes spending the night. Once I brought a girlfriend of mine, she was shocked to see beer in the fridge.

"Come on," I said,"these are Irish nuns," Recalling the late night I spent with Sr. Lou going over my annulment while splitting a Rolling Rock.

There are so many vignettes and cross-sections of Sr. Lou in my life. But as I look back, it was me doing the in&outs and zigzagging, she was just there, guiding me to quilt connections to my father's Irish family and my faith.

I'm returning the convent this next week. I got the call on Friday that Sr. Lou had passed. I think about how having her in my life had made me so much a better person, and I know it wasn't just me she touched.

"We lost a good one," emailed my cousin Maggie, who just named her youngest daughter Lucille. Indeed. We are truly blessed when strong women enter our lives, but even more so when we are related to them.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mr. Jay at Phil's

Well this took way too long to put together and to post. And there's a good story here that's just about as long.

I was in TC over the summer and was checking out the Third Coast Bicycle Festival. I had just finished riding a quad (we didn't tip thanks to the direction of our fearless leader John Robert Williams), when out of the sushi restaurant I hear "e-Beth". With all of the nicknames people give me, i can tell who is shouting by what it is and i knew instantly it was Mr. Webber.

Jay Webber used to be accompanied by a friend of mine from a former life (re:ex-finance) and our paths hadn't crossed in years (10-12 maybe?). He asked me if I could shoot him playing that night at the restaurant across the street. I had all of my gear since I was working. I gave him a price, he disappeared to the nearest ATM and then paid me on the spot, to the amazement of my friends, and me. As Peter put it: "It's like your photography is crack and people are just buying it off the street." I love my friends.

I'm pretty sure his upcoming album won't have any songs written about me in it (for better I'm sure). Maybe that's why I used this song from that night. The head-slapping memories of years ago when a simple poem made me fall for everything, even love.