Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mr. Jay at Phil's

Well this took way too long to put together and to post. And there's a good story here that's just about as long.

I was in TC over the summer and was checking out the Third Coast Bicycle Festival. I had just finished riding a quad (we didn't tip thanks to the direction of our fearless leader John Robert Williams), when out of the sushi restaurant I hear "e-Beth". With all of the nicknames people give me, i can tell who is shouting by what it is and i knew instantly it was Mr. Webber.

Jay Webber used to be accompanied by a friend of mine from a former life (re:ex-finance) and our paths hadn't crossed in years (10-12 maybe?). He asked me if I could shoot him playing that night at the restaurant across the street. I had all of my gear since I was working. I gave him a price, he disappeared to the nearest ATM and then paid me on the spot, to the amazement of my friends, and me. As Peter put it: "It's like your photography is crack and people are just buying it off the street." I love my friends.

I'm pretty sure his upcoming album won't have any songs written about me in it (for better I'm sure). Maybe that's why I used this song from that night. The head-slapping memories of years ago when a simple poem made me fall for everything, even love.

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