Monday, October 22, 2007

Kentucky Things

The longest time I've spent in Kentucky, here's a couple things from Boyle (pronounced 'bowl') and Casey Counties.
According to most meteorologist, this has been the driest year for Kentucky since the dust bowl. Carroll and Doris remember this creek over-flowing, now it's just dry rock...and a few things that were left behind.
Carroll's uncle died in a farming accident almost 50 years ago. Carroll drove his truck until it wouldn't work, now it's becoming a flower pot.
A very cool shack, my guess is it was a holding place for tobacco, right next to the railroad track, painted and decorated with lots of art work.
Hand guns at the sock drawers, in cabnets, bedside and scatterred throughout the house.

Tobacco dries in a barn, according to Carroll, when you hang tobacco the best place to be is on top, you have less work to do.

I asked Doris not to bother to make breakfast, but I had a feeling Carroll wasn't going to eat all that ham...

Horses hang out along the county road.

Tobacco stalks dry in a barn painted black in Casey County.

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