Saturday, December 1, 2007

Personification of inanimate objects

I think I confused a friend of mine while chatting about the first time we had met. After a night of photos, bottles of champagne and a night walk on the beach, my room key ended up lost. Instead of trying to find it, and with the front desk closed (this wasn't a Holiday Inn, or the U.S.) it seemed best to just climb in through an open window in my room. I think I lost him when i started talking about how when i think of that beach, i think of a lone room key stuck in the sand smiling, if it could, at the thought that two people were more into eachother and remembering the last unopenned bottle of champagne then the room key. I know it's just my (your adjective here) way of wanting to assign and share the emotions with inanimate things, and i'm okay with that...perhaps that's why i like rocks so much (how's that for an introduction?) Fisherman Island's State Park south of Charlevoix, one of the best rock-hunting areas in lower Michigan. Although it looks like i was too late for dinner, i did find a petoskey for Louis' bday. Happy birthday Louis!
The Mackinac Bridge. This bridge freaks me out every time, so i just try to ignore it by photographing it as i cross, had a driver this time...which is probably best for everyone.

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