Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Silly thing that lil camera does @ Firehouse #1

So after working a 14+ hour day, and before sleeping 3 hours to hit the road again for another 10+ hour day at the North American International Auto Show, we eat, drink (and drink) and be merry at the Firehouse, a rented out fire station across the street from Cobo...After shooting a series of car unveilings and press conferences, i was eager to show off the completely useless thing my lil Samsung camera does...

Bob and Dave trying on new hair do's (or don'ts). 

I like this "scene" titled, "my memory" i seem to use it on photos i forgot i had taken...(Ankur, RB and me)

I love you beer...

Brandy, and her brother, Chris Farina...(hmmm)

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