Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love, faith and a piece of gum...

Before taking off for WWII and the Korean War, John would tell Annie he was just going around the block to buy some gum.

A phrase that gave her, (and maybe him too); hope, faith and peace of mind that despite being shot at and almost taken down time and again, he would return to his grade-school sweetheart. He always came home.

In February 1962, John surprised Annie with a pack of gum, for her and the kids as he left out the door to orbit the Earth. The family wasn't allowed on NASA grounds and were discouraged from watching the launch. Complications upon re-entry resulted in a NASA representative telling Annie that this time, he might not make it home.

John Glenn returned home. To this day, Annie keeps the gum wrapper in her wallet....and John at her side.

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