Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brother Vincent Reyes 1940-2010

He fed and clothed the hungry, loved photography and was slightly radical (like most bros.) Getting out people's story who passed through the doors of Capuchin Soup Kitchen was so important to him. He asked me, along with photographers Steve Perez (okay, he asked Steve first) and Ed Hahn,to help created the book "My Name Is..." to give a face and story to those who use the Detroit soup kitchen. To me, I was one mistake from being in their shoes, to him, he was in their shoes.

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Keith said...

I was introduced to Brother Vincent by Chip Somodevilla. I also was able to meet him a couple times at the MPPA conferences. It was always so nice to chat with him and his love for helping others, as well as his love for photography, was as infectious as his smile.