Sunday, July 25, 2010

One moment in time for one great cause

In late April my friend and favorite photo editor, Rodney Curtis, swung by my house to go over my portfolio and as always, he was a flurry of energy. Despite being laid off a year ago from the Detroit Free Press and still unable to find full-time work to support his family, Rodney was still full of positive energy and love for the universe. He was working on making his book Spiritual Wanderer into an iBook (eBook?) so it could constantly be updated and linked to his blog. As he left, I was expressing my gratitude for his feedback. "Thanks for making me feel useful," he said.

A few days later he was in the doctor's office being told he had leukemia. As in step with his personality, Rodney's facing it with amazing strength and humor, as is his supportive and beautiful family. He was hit hard-core with chemo, but without any change, the hospital let him go. Now he's working with Karmonos Cancer Center in Detroit. First step: bone-marrow transplant.

To help defray medical costs, he's been on COBRA since being laid off, photographers in the area who have been touched by his skills and humor have pooled together some amazing photos to be sold. Both newspapers, Detroit News and Detroit Free Press, also donated some historical images as well. The sale ends Aug. 1st, please take the time to look, buy and pass along:

thank you Rodney, for making me feel useful.

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