Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hello Hoi An

Well we arrived in Hoi An last night after a 5 hour bus tour back to Siagon and a 1 hour plane ride to Danang. Kristee and i were actually chuckling how we have flown so much, also gave me an idea for a new know, in case this photo thing doesn't work out.

First impressions: it's cold!!! miss the 80 degrees by 8am in Mui Ne...but Kristee's sunburn will be able to heal quicker.

In Mui Ne we took a 2 hour motorbike ride to the salt mines, only to find them closed because of rain...2 hours is a long time on the tia by the pool for healing.

In Hoi An we hope to see MySon, take cooking classes and take advantage of the tailors, we haven't done any shopping so this stop is off for our free breakfast...and hopefully more dragon fruit.

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