Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i should not be allowed in a town of tailors

Okay, for those who don't know, Hoi An is filled with tailors...but not like the old men on Broadway in Detroit, but rows and rows of made to fit clothes shops, with adorable samples, tons and tons of made-to-fit shoes and boots too...did i mention rows and rows along almost every street???...it's easier to find a jacket here than a larue bia (local beer)...but i manage.

Today Kristee and i did the Red Bridge all-day cooking school, there were 2 other couples, one from Canada and one from Sunny Cali. all very nice. We went to an organic farm (nationally subsidized), to market to buy our ingredients and to the school to cook four traditional, crazy yummy dishes, then a boat ride back to downtown...Funny story in the market: We bought monk fish, similar to catfish, which apparently doesn't die quickly. So first the fish jumped out of its bowl in the market and onto Kristee's leg...then, after we bought the sucker, none of the guys wanted to hold the bag, so Kristee being nice held onto it...well that same fish made it's way out of the double-knotted bag and almost jumped out of Kristee's shopping bag!!! She shoved it back in..then ate it later..;o)

We actually had sun today for our first time in Hoi An, which was nice. We had our second fittings for some dresses we had made (i got a few, and a suit) It looks like that weather will hold, so tomorrow we bike to it MySon and perhaps take advantage of our pool.

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rico said...

I first thought that said "sailors"!
Anyway, I had to clean a monkfish once, at my very first job in TC... at the Holiday Inn! I thought it was the ugliest fish I ever saw and mine was dead!

It sounds like you are having an terrific holiday!

Give the Birthday Girl a hug for me,